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Computer and Information Technology

Looking to distinguish yourself from others on your resume? Tri-County Adult Center offers a wide range of computerized training in my different software and programs. We offer both the computer courses and exams that you need to becom Microsoft Office Specialist certified! 
Classes are designed to meet you at your current skill level from beginner through advanced. 

Hands-on experience is what we offer and individualized attention is what we strive for.  Small class sizes allow the instructor to work with students individually to give them the best experience possible.

Want to take this first step in gaining a computer certification...we are offering IC3 Certification Training this Winter!!  Internet and Computer Core Certification is a great way to gain valuable computer skills in a relatively short amount of time.

Microsoft Office Training


Microsoft WORD: Part 1 – Coursework covers creating simple documents, editing, using fonts, margins and tabs, spell check, text enhancement, justification and printing.  PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft WORD: Part 2 – Coursework covers creating and using columns, working with multiple section documents to adjust the flow of information, and use of images and wrapping text around images.

Microsoft WORD: Part 3 - Coursework covers creating and using forms and templates, mail merge, creating and using databases within Word and integration of Access databases, and creating and using macros. 

Microsoft EXCEL: Part 1 - Learn to use Excel, a comprehensive spreadsheet program with powerful mathematical functions and formulas. Create and format various business forms and spreadsheets.  
PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft EXCEL: Part 2 - Coursework covers advanced functions and formatting features and working with Charts and Graphs to display data.

Microsoft EXCEL: Part 3 - Coursework covers advanced functions and formatting features, creating Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables and Charts, and Protecting Worksheets.  

Microsoft ACCESS: Part 1 -   A very powerful, flexible database program. Coursework covers organizing large quantities of data into a newly created database, search for data, sort records and use the filter feature.
PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft ACCESS: Part 2 – Work with all aspects of Access to customize it for your needs. Create several different calculated controls on both the forms and reports. Advanced Query creation is emphasized.  

Microsoft POWERPOINT: Part 1 - Coursework covers creating slides, inserting clip art and changing appearance of text and backgrounds.  PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft POWERPOINT: Part 2 - Coursework covers creating slide outlines, charts and tables, video clips, sound and scanned images, and working with color schemes and animating text and objects.
Microsoft Office Certification Exams

Take your Microsoft Certification exams right here in Nelsonville at Tri-County Adult Center.  We are an authorized Certiport testing site and have proctored over 1500 exams.  Take advantage of our simulated testing software to see what it is like to take the exam before you actually take it.

For more information about obtaining your Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, visit the Certiport Microsoft Office certifications page.

What is IC3 Certification?

First there was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age, and later the Industrial Age. Now, we are in the Digital Age. The Digital Age brings opportunities never before dreamed of, but to take advantage, you must be prepared. And what is the best way to prepare for success in this digital age? The answer is IC3 certification.

IC3 gives you a clear advantage over other, lesser- prepared individuals, and whether you are competing in the classroom or the job market, IC3 moves you ahead.

You don’t have to be focusing on a career in computers to benefit from IC3. Today, virtually any career or field of study requires the use of computers. The IC3 certification can set you apart from the crowd and provide many opportunities. The IC3 Digital Literacy Certification provides students and job-seekers with the foundation of knowledge they need to succeed in environments that require the use of computers and the Internet. The Global Standard 4 is an internationally recognized standard for digital literacy and reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's academic and business environments.

Digital literacy is a foundational element of success in today’s technology-driven world. Regardless of your educational goals, career pursuits, or job function, possessing a strong grasp of the digital technologies that drive much of the world is critical.

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IC3 certification is an excellent way to tell teachers, potential and current employers, academic institutions, government agencies, and the whole world that you have the digital literacy skills to function successfully, effectively, and productively. IC3 certification is the one credential that applies to whatever direction your education or career pursuits take you.

IC3 Global Standard 4 (GS4) is the newest release in the IC3 family of digital certification exams. GS4 aligns the IC3 standard to the most current and relevant digital literacy requirements, and addresses several new concepts common to digital literacy, such as:

  • social media
  • collaboration
  • digital devices
  • research fluency
  • critical thinking
  • cloud computing
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15676 State Route 691, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764
740.753.3511  |  800.637.6508
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