Tri-County Career Center’s Annual Future Fair
Starting 3/2/2018 and ending on 3/2/2018
Event Groups:
• Tri County Career Center - Tri County Events

Tri-County Career Center’s Annual Future Fair is Friday, March 2nd. We are excited to provide this opportunity for our students to meet with area businesses, colleges, and community organizations to discuss expectations and opportunities as they prepare for entry into the workforce as well as life beyond high school. In order to make this event a success, we rely on the support of local and regional businesses and community members. 

You may choose to participate in either of two ways. First, we are looking for individuals to conduct from one to four 30-minute presentations.  Topics might include employer expectations, opportunities within your company, employee responsibilities, life skills, etc.  If you would rather not present, you may choose to staff a table that students will visit during sessions, session transitions, or lunch.

Please contact Steve Wheeler at swheeler@tricountyhightech.com if you are interested in this event or would like to learn more.  

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