Last Updated: 7/14/2020 12:42 PM

Fire EMS students gearing up in fire protection gear.

Program Description: 

Welcome to the Firefighter/EMS Program. The student experience at Tri-County Career Center is a unique combination of textbook learning and real world hands-on experiences. We apply Science, Math and Communication Skills to career opportunities. Our approach to learning challenges students to obtain their very best potential.

In this program, Students in the junior year learn the fundamentals of firefighting and Emergency medical services, the National Incident Management System, and Firefighter I. The senior year focuses on completing Firefighter II Professional Firefighter certification and Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification. Upon completion of the program, students have the potential to obtain a position as a firefighter and EMT at the basic level.


Areas of Study: 

  • Basic Life Support 

  • Foundations of Firefighting and Emergency Medical Services
  • National Incident Management System
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • Building Construction
  • Fire Dynamics
  • Structural Search and Rescue
  • Tactical Ventilation
  • Fire Origin and Cause Determination
  • Vehicle Extraction Operations
  • Hose Operations and Hose Streams
  • Fire Suppression
  • Medical Terminology
  • Patient Assessment

Instructor: Steve Green

740.753.3511 or 800.637.6508'



Fees and Recommended Tools

Required program fees may include workbook, technology fee, lab fee and dues for our professional organization. This program has a clothing requirement not included in the program fees. The following are to be worn during lab and class time: plain dark navy tee shirt, dark navy duty pants, black belt, black socks, and black easy-off duty boots (zippered or slip off). Please note that this “uniform” is not required the first three weeks of school. Rocky Boots in Nelsonville has agreed to offer required clothing and boots to students at a reduced price. More information will be provided about this option the first week of school. 

Click here for the full list of program fees. For more information, please contact the Treasurer's Office at 740-753-3511