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Recommended Tools and Required Fees

      Welcome to the Nursing Technology Program.  The student experience at Tri-County Career Center is a unique combination of textbook learning and real world hands-on experiences.  We apply Science, Math and Communication Skills to career opportunities.Our approach to learning challenges students to obtain their very best potential.
     Required program fees may include workbook, technology fee, lab fee and dues for our professional organization.  The Nursing Technology Program has a uniform recommendation not included in the required class fees. The approximate cost of a uniform (which consists of one pair of pants and one top) is $60.00. Students may purchase their uniforms independently.  
       It is also recommended that students purchase a watch with a second (sweep) hand. The watch can be any type as long as it does provide a second hand. In addition, a stethoscope is optional but not required.  
      Each student should consider white tennis shoes. The important objective for shoes is to be comfortable, durable, able to be cleaned/polished and white.

Click here for program fees.  For more information, please contact Pam Bookman at 740-753-3511

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