Passport Ceremony
Starts 5/25/2021 Ends 5/25/2021
More Information (Directions)

May 5, 2021


The staff, parents, and - most importantly - the students have overcome many obstacles in the last year to reach this point. Through cooperation and respect for others, we have all worked together to provide the class of2021 as near of a normal senior year as possible. Our Passport Ceremony is the last hurdle of their career with us. It, too, will provide challenges and require that same level of cooperation if we are to honor each student and family as they deserve.

We have enclosed two documents detailing the event and how we need to run it to stay within the guidelines set forth by the state of Ohio. The first outlines what students and parents should expect when they arrive at the ceremony. The second is a diagram of the parking lot layout. In the parking lot we only have enough spaces for one guest car per student. However, the student car which will be in the drive-thru ceremony can also have guests as passengers. We understand how important this ceremony is to both the student and their loved ones. If 
everyone keeps that in mind and moves in and out of the viewing area as their student enters and exits, then each family will be able to experience the moment that has been 12 years in the making. 

Thank you for your cooperation and congratulations to your graduate.




Tom McGreevy


Tri-County Passport 2021 Instructions and Parking Map