Adult Center Career Programs

Last Updated: 4/10/2023 6:09 PM

At Tri-County Career Center - Adult Center, you can choose from our career training programs that will prepare you for a job in your chosen field. You'll complete the program with a new set of skills and have the credentials that employers in your field recognize and respect. 

Unlike a high school, our programs do not follow a regular "school year." Each program is unique in its content and length, so programs begin and end at various times each year. To see what programs we have to offer, check out our list of programs below! 



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List of Career Programs


All students enrolled in a full-time program at the Adult Center must have a GED or high school diploma. However, some short-term classes do not require a GED or high school diploma. If you do not have your GED or diploma, the Aspire program in your home county can help prepare you to take the GED exam. 

As a training center for adults, we are not concerned about your grades in high school. We do not have an "application" process where we review your transcripts. We do have a registration process that we will walk you through to ensure that your time and money here are well spent. 

A few of our programs have restrictions based either on age (under 18) or criminal background, and our health care programs may require specific immunizations or physical exams. Please call our main office for details about specific program requirements.


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The mission of the Tri-County Career Center is to "inspire, challenge and prepare students to reach their career potential."